A.K.A. the straight dope. Don’t call it a mixtape… this is a movement.

A semi-regular sampling of beats and sounds from the iMPC Community. Made by users, curated by users. Everything here is made with iMPC, iMPC for iPhone and iMPC Pro. Our latest volume includes our iMPC for Android users as well. Spreading Truth for thirteen volumes.


Guest Curator & Super Producer Mr. Cates (Ritchie Cates) is back again following Honest Truth Vol.13 to conduct the next installment in the series.

Mr. Cates has developed a great reputation for being one of the most successful producers associated with the iMPC community, due to him creating every single track exclusively on iMPC. He’s built a worldwide following on SoundCloud with the tracks he’s produced and been featured on. He continually gets messages every day from followers who are in disbelief that he only uses iMPC and his iPad to make his beats.

Mr. Cates has a passion for iOS producing, especially on iMPC, because of the technology, mobility and ease of not having to own a large sound studio to produce that quality sound production. To keep up to date with everything Mr. Cates, be sure to check out his SoundCloud Page: www.soundcloud.com/mr-cates