A.K.A. the straight dope. Don’t call it a mixtape… this is a movement.

A semi-regular sampling of beats and sounds from the iMPC Community. Made by users, curated by users. Everything here is made with iMPC, iMPC for iPhone and iMPC Pro. Spreading Truth for ten volumes.


Guest Curator & Super Producer Mr. Cates (Ritchie Cates) was born in Great Yarmouth, England in the United Kingdom. He first became interested in music production when he saw producers creating live beats on Akai Professional’s MPC’s at concerts, he then purchased the iMPC app for his iPad and was instantly blown away by the creative control and functions possible within the app to make great tracks.

Mr. Cates soon developed himself into a top iMPC household name using his distinctive vocal samples as his specialty along with catchy melodies for his tracks which soon gained him the nickname “The Sample King”

He has managed to obtain a great following within the Soundcloud community from the tracks he makes on the iMPC along with the numerous collaborations in the past with producers and artists from around the world. The Retronyms app was the starting point for Cates, which has since seen him develop his work with further software and across various platforms. He believes that to be successful at producing beats a producer needs to be a perfectionist, keep his work exclusive and has to make sure they never shy away from stepping out of there comfort zone to see what outcome they create when connecting to other music genres.

Mr. Cates has no doubts that he wouldn't be where he was today if it wasn't for the support from fellow users within the Soundcloud, iMPC communities and of course his wife Elizabeth who graces the covers of some of his tracks.