A.K.A. the straight dope. Don’t call it a mixtape… this is a movement.

A semi-regular sampling of beats and sounds from the iMPC Community. Made by users, curated by users. Everything here is made with iMPC, iMPC for iPhone and iMPC Pro. Spreading Truth for nine volumes.


Guest Curator Baynbridge, born Jamal Hardeman, up to summer of 2014 was relatively unknown in the music world. That is until he got a new iPad for his birthday and never looked back. Equipped with the iMPC Pro, Phase 84, and Tabletop apps, Baynbridge to his talents to Soundcloud, where he quickly drew attention from artists, producers, and songwriters around the world. In the Fall of 2014, he opened iPoundSounds with friend and fellow producer, Ricky Hobbs. After a few Soundcloud collabs, iPoundSounds became a household name within the iMPC community and a mainstay in Soundcloud's elite. Baynbridge began to venture off into other areas which led him to record his debut Album No Sleep. An album produced entirely by iPoundSounds minus 1 track from his producing mentor SmoovBeats "You Already Know."

In 2015 he is #1 on reverbnation.com/Baynbridge and has already graced the cover of his first magazine. Not to mention 3 music videos, all done independently from iPoundSounds. He credits his rapid success to God, his wife Monica, Retronyms, Apple, Alarid Technical Solutions, Soundcloud, iPoundSounds, the city of New York, and the city of Griffin, Ga.