Retronyms — Looperverse, the Ultimate Looper Pedal


The Ultimate Looper

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Looperverse Pedal provides 6 premium quality switches pre-mapped to undo, redo, clear, tap tempo, record, and playback. Looperverse Pedal will work as a standalone pedal with any device that supports MIDI. Because the Looperverse pedal supports the Bluetooth (BTLE) MIDI standard, it’s compatible with virtually any software on any device. Musicians can control Looperverse from external hardware and remap to their liking with MIDI and MIDI Learn support.

Looperverse App merges the classic pedal-based live looping workflow with powerful multitouch editing features, allowing musicians to limitlessly modify their scenes and explore phrases and riffs. Including an array of advanced tools, Looperverse makes recording, editing, and customizing loops simple. Musicians can adjust track sends to the built-in delay and reverb effects, as well as adjusting pan, gain, mute, and solo in the mixer. It features advanced waveform editing, pitch shifting, time stretching, live reverse, extensive undo/redo, and time signature support.

Looperverse Pedal, $199.99

Looperverse App, $9.99

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