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Add a Popular Utility and Monetize Your App With Royalty Free Content

AudioCopy and AudioPaste

For more than 8 years, AudioCopy has been an essential utility that allows users a way to copy and paste audio from app to app. Join a growing list of 100’s of compatible apps and provide users a convenient way to copy and paste their audio from app to app.

Monetize with the AudioCopy Content Store

The AudioCopy app includes the largest Royalty Free audio store on iOS. Users can shop for hundreds of professionally produced Sound Packs. The AudioCopy Content Store is the exclusive mobile distributor for content from industry leader, Loopmasters.

There are two tiers of participation:

Affiliate Program: earn 10%1

Earn an affiliate credit when Sound Packs are pasted to your app for the first time. You can earn a 10% commission on Pack Sales simply by including your Affiliate Token in your app. Your app only has to include the basic AudioPaste utility features in order to start collecting. AudioCopy SDK itself doesn’t promote or advertise the Content Store, and your app doesn’t have to either.

If you've integrated AudioCopy SDK and included your Affiliate Token, you're already earning credits. View your credits.

Get your affiliate token

Partner Program: earn 35%2

Become a partner app to earn an additional 25% on Sound Packs pasted to your app for the first time. More than an affiliate program, we intend this to be a content monetization channel for your app. You don’t have to produce content, manage royalties, or even develop your own store technology.

Earn a fair share:

Enrolling in the Partner Program is simple:

You can link to the Content Store wherever you think makes sense in your app. Want to see an example? Get Hook for iPhone and AudioCopy (both are free). You can see the various ways we link to the AudioCopy store and try it out with a free Sound Pack

Contact us at partners[at] to enroll in the AudioCopy Partner Program and get a Partner App Agreement in place.

1 Commission is percentage of proceeds after Apple’s App Store cut. All Sound Packs in the AudioCopy Content Store are included in the Affiliate Program.

2 Commission is percentage of proceeds after Apple’s App Store cut. iMPC Pro Packs distributed by Akai Pro are exempt from the Partner Program.

*Commissions are earned when any part of a Content Pack is “pasted” via the AudioCopy SDK. In the event of a paste, the commission is earned by the Affiliate/Partner App into which the Content Pack is pasted as long as the commission has not been previously earned.