Our Apps

ourapps_tabletop   ourapps_studiotrack   ourapps_fourtrack


The power of a fully modular audio workstation on your iPad!



StudioTrack is a powerful multitrack recorder for the iPad.



Record music anywhere with this multitrack audio recorder for iPhone & iPod Touch.

ourapps_recorder   ourapps_synth   ourapps_dopplerpad


Record memos, discussions, interviews, phone calls and more on your iPhone!



An incredible polyphonic synthesizer for your iPad.



Inspire yourself with this expressive touch instrument for iPhone & iPod Touch.

ourapps_snap   ourapps_vox3000


Your very own photo booth for Windows Vista/XP/7.


VOX 3000

Enjoy the retro nostalgia of VOX 3000, a speech synthesis application for the iPhone.


Dokogeo is a geogame studio created by the Retronyms team! Learn more

ourapps_dokobots   ourapps_seeknspell   ourapps_geoseek


Dokobots is a geogame played in the real world! Pick up traveling robot friends and help them in their journeys as they explore our planet.


Seek ’n Spell

Seek ’n Spell uses your GPS to create a new type of game. The object is to gather virtual letters and create words. Seek 'n Spell is played in parks and open outdoor spaces. The fun really begins when you challenge a friend!



With the GeoSeek Game Engine, you can create innovative and fun multiplayer games using GPS technology.