User Guide: Magic Mic

Magic Mic is a device that records vocals or other input sources on top of loops. It uses the main transport bar’s record button to record, and it handles both recording and playback of the audio.

VU Meter
Runs as long as the mic is set to on, and the meter displays the mic level.

Mic On/Off Switch
Enables and disables the mic for recording. When enabled, Magic Mic records when the main transport is recording during playback. The status light is red when on, black when off, and orange when not ready. When the mic is off, the VU meter is disabled.

Monitor Mic
Turn this switch on to live-monitor the mic signal. When enabled, Magic Mic will output any input regardless of transport status. When disabled, Magic Mic records when the main transport is recording. This function requires an external microphone or output to be connected to the iPad.

Edit Recording
Tap this button to access the Cut/Copy/Paste/Clear/Clear for Table menu.

Status Screen
Displays the waveform of the recording, playback info, and the current loop. When recording, the waveform rendering can lag behind the playback marker.

Route the Magic Mic up to the T-Pain Effect to make sure all your vocals are in the right key!