Effects Overview

Tabletop has a variety of effects to enhance and manipulate devices’ sounds. Effects must be routed properly to work. Bypass an effect by toggling its switch to BYPASS.

Route a Device Directly through an Effect

To apply an effect to a specific device, connect the device’s output to the effect’s input, then route the effect to a mixer channel.

Route an Effect through a Mixer

Use effects with a mixer to apply the same effect in varying amounts to a variety of devices and instruments. The Goblin MX4-FX mixer is required to do this; route effects through the MX4-FX’s Send outputs.

Connect Goblin MX4-FX to the effect, then route the effect back into the mixer. Adjusting the dial of the Send/Return for a channel changes how much you’ll hear the effect applied. You can only use two send effects per MX4 mixer.