PRSSR is a compressor effect that reduces the dynamic range of a signal.

The Controls


The ratio sets the amount of compression. For example, a ratio of 2:1 and a signal crossing the threshold by 6dB result in an output 3dB above the threshold. A higher ratio produces a “squashed” sound.


The threshold sets the decibel level at which the compressor affects the signal. The lower the value the more sensitive the effect will be.


The attack determines how fast the compressor affects the signal after it crosses the threshold. Longer attack times help to preserve ambience.


Once the compressor affects the signal it stays on for the time set by the release. You can even tweak the setting to “time” the effect release with the tempo of the song.


Use the gain to compensate for signal reduction from the compression effect. Switch the bypass slider on and off to ensure the signal is staying at an appropriate level.


To use PRSSR with a sidechain input, route the signal used as your reference into the upper left sidechain input port. The effect uses the level of the sidechain input signal to manipulate the intensity of the effect.

Practical Use

Use the sidechain input in combination with a high ratio to create a pumping or pulsing mix sound. Route a kickdrum to this input and the majority of the mix through the effect to duck the sound when the kickdrum is hit.