User Guide: Mastermind

Mastermind is an inter-app audio controller allowing you to control up to 128 parameters on the target app with four banks of 32 knobs.

Audio Input Source
Tap this icon to reveal the menu of installed compatible apps, and a selection of Retronyms’ recommended apps will be displayed as well. Tap select to connect to the compatible app. Once the app is connected, its icon will replace the blank Audio Input Source button. Tap this icon to open the target app.

Banks and Knobs
Each knob sends and receives MIDI for the indicated control number. Test a knob to see which parameter is mapped to it or use the MIDI mapping interface in the target app to associate the knobs with controls in the target. Tap each bank of knobs to access additional parameters; the currently selected bank is highlighted bright blue.

Sequence and Timeline Editor Buttons
Opens the Sequence menu and Timeline Editor found elsewhere in Tabletop.

Octave Control
Tap the +|- buttons to move the octave up and down, respectively.

Tap the Scroll button to enable changing the keyboard octave by holding a key and dragging left or right.

Adjust the pitch wheel during playback to change the pitch of the notes.

If the target app has a keyboard, it will be playable on the Mastermind.