The Krush Bit-Crush Effect reduces the sampling rate and bit rate of your signal to provide variable, fun results.


Switch on HOLD to lock the Touch Ribbon in place. When HOLD is on, you can freely move to any position on the Touch Ribbon, but when you release, it will snap back to the held position.


Downsample reduces the sampling rate of the signal. The lower the downsampling, the more crude the signal.


This sets the clipping threshold. If “Wrap” is enabled, then clipped values will overflow. Turn the threshold up to clip the signal sooner.


The Wrap button enables overflow of values above the clipping threshold. The sound won’t clip but instead will overflow or wrap over itself, making the sound louder and more distorted. Use the Threshold knob to set when the wrap should occur.

Touch Ribbon

The Touch Ribbon controls the bit rate. The higher the bit rate, the closer the signal’s integrity to the original.